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Window and Door Services North Carolina

HouseFix NC offers superior windows and door repairing, replacement, and installation services. Your windows and doors, more than just furniture pieces are the first line of defense against the elements and antisocial elements. Additionally, functional windows and doors are your sentries that help avoid prying eyes. Properly maintained doors and windows help increase natural light in the property. Stylish and sturdy doors and windows enhance a home’s aesthetic appeal, livening up the different areas in the property.

At HouseFix NC, we understand the importance of maintaining doors and windows. We offer comprehensive home improvement packages that include window and door repairs. Equipped with years of experience of working on diverse projects, our experts understand different window and door mechanisms like the back of their hand.

Whether your project involves something as simple as retightening screws or complex tasks such as hanging doors, you can trust us. Failure is not an option for us. To ensure your doors and windows are your pride and your neighbor’s envy, we do not let even minute details that may impact the way your doors and windows close, and swing or slide fly under our radar.

We can handle different type of doors and windows. We are licensed to perform residential remodeling and restoration work and have certificates from the IICRC. Equipped with almost two decades of experience, we still consider ourselves as students and always look forward to learning something new. It is this appetite for learning that has helped us grow.

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North Carolina Window Services

Window Repair

Well maintained windows not only help enhance the area’s aesthetic appeal but can prove to be the game changer when it comes to keeping a tab on your energy costs. Our experts are adept at performing a range of window repair jobs such as glass replacement, fixing leaks, and replacing cracked sills.

Window Installation

When installing windows, there is no room for error. Even a single wrong measurement can result in drafty windows. To avoid nasty surprises and ensure everything goes according to the plan, we divide the entire process into simple steps.

Window Replacement

Confused about whether to repair your old window or replace it with a new one? Our experts can help. When taking the final call on whether to replace or repair a window, we consider a number of factors such as the nature and extent of damages the window has sustained, its age, and the property owner’s objectives.

Before starting to work on a window replacement project, we plan every activity such as insulating the edges, glazing the panes, and installing the seals meticulously.

Door Services in North Carolina

Door Repair

We repair different types of doors such as interior doors, closet doors, screen doors, and storm doors. Whether your sticking or squeaking doors are giving you nightmares, or damaged door jambs are giving you a hard time, we will come up with a solution to address your pain points.

Door Installation

When installing doors, we take several steps to avoid common installation mistakes such as excessive trimming, providing incorrect measurements, and choosing the wrong hardware. To ensure nothing is left to chance, we study the area’s layout thoroughly.

Door Replacement

Door replacement projects can be highly demanding. When designing the blueprint of a door replacement project, we make sure everything is accounted for. We can also suggest you the best door according to your home’s layout.

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