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At HouseFix NC, we have a team of professional roofers who know a thing or two about roofing. From quick fixes to complex projects, we handle them all. We understand the designs of different roofing systems like the back of our hand.

Roofing systems include different parts. The functionality and design of these parts may differ depending on the type of roofing system. Using a rule of thumb to address every roofing problem would be like taking just any medicine that you can get your hands on to treat specific disorders. Sounds scary, right? It is!

We are your roofing doctors. Just like an experienced health practitioner, who knows that several ailments can have the same symptoms, we don’t jump to conclusions straight away, and conduct several tests to get to the root cause of the problem. Once we have a clear picture of the system pain points, the next step involves designing a maintenance or repair roadmap.

Replacing or installing a new roofing system is part action and part visualization. The roofer must not only understand best installation practices, but should also be able to visualize which roofing system will go with the property’s layout. At HouseFix NC, our team not just installs roofs but also educates customers on the latest roofing trends, helping them take informed decisions.

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North Carolina Roof Installation

Installing a new roof is a highly involved project. Even a single wrong step forward can push you ten steps backward, derailing your installation project. We hate rush jobs as much as you, and firmly believe in the saying that patience is a virtue. To avoid deviations from the accepted standards, we use a number of checklists and quality control methods.

Right from installing the starter strip to sealing around penetrations, every step is well planned and executed to ensure the job is done right the first time. Whether you are confused about choosing the right roof, or don’t know which roofing accessories to opt for, we got your back.

Roof Repair Services

If you think repairing your roofing system is child’s play, think again! Your roofing system is a complex jungle of different parts and mechanisms. When working on a project, our team members, like safari guides, use their know-how, skills, and heightened senses to navigate the roofing jungle.

Relying on an amateur to get a sustainable roofing repair solution is like asking a layman to solve quantum mechanics problems and expecting a favorable result. We have had many cases wherein the property owner initially banked on an amateur, only to find later that their contractor was anything but a know-all expert.

To ensure your repair costs don’t go through the roof, you need an expert by your side. At HouseFix NC, we back our claims with actions. We are adept at performing different types of roof repair tasks such as shingle replacement, fascia replacement, and gutter cleaning. Before starting to work on a project, we check and double check our action plan to ensure there is no room for errors.

Roof Replacement Services in North Carolina

Roof replacement projects are arguably some of the most involved projects. Roofers handling these projects must not only remove the old roof, but also have to install a new one in its place. No matter the nature and scope of the challenge, our experts are always ready. To avoid confusion, we divide the entire process into simple steps. To ensure everything goes according to the plan, project benchmarks are closely monitored and deviation investigations are conducted at regular intervals.

Roof replacement projects cause significant disruptions. To ensure property owners can go about their business like a normal day, we take various steps to isolate the area.

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