Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

At HouseFix NC, we understand the difference that a well-planned and executed interior and exterior painting project can make your property’s aesthetic appeal. As a reputable provider of home and building management services, we have taken upon us to beautify our community. We firmly believe that every property has a unique story to tell. We are on a mission of presenting these stories in the best light possible. 

Painting different parts of your house will not just boost your property’s aesthetic appeal but can also help protect against the elements. Additionally, painting your siding can help increase its lifespan. 

You may consider painting to be a simple job. After all, what more does a painter do than just mixing colors and applying it to the surface? Right? Wrong! Painting is a more involved job than you think. Painting contractors have their hands full at any time. 

In addition to preparing the surface before applying coats of paint, the professional has to determine the right amount of paint to be used. The painting contractor takes several steps to isolate the area, which helps ensure that the occupants are able to go about their business.


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Many amateurs masquerade as know-all experts. Once you start asking difficult questions, these self-proclaimed experts start running for cover. If you chose HouseFix NC for your painting project, rest assured, all your questions will be answered. Unlike amateurs who run away from challenges, we relish them.

Why hire HouseFix NC for painting projects?

Time savings

We are sure you have better things to do than painting different parts of your home; however, if you want to take the DIY route, remember, a lot of hard work goes behind the curtain. In addition to preparing the surface on which the paint is to be applied, you will have to fill up holes and perform a number of other tasks that are both effort-intensive and time-consuming. Equipped with years of experience and tools of the trade, our professional painters can perform these tasks in a fraction of time that you will take.

Quality of work

We know a thing or two about painting. We follow the most effective methods for prepping walls, which enhances the paint life. For us, the second-best product does not make the cut. If it is not the best, it’s not good enough for us. Our dedication to upholding quality standards has helped us outrank the competition when it comes to delighting customers.

Tools of the trade

We use more than just paintbrushes for our projects. To ensure nothing is left to chance, we use a number of equipment including patching tools, caulk, and safety gear. For complex projects, we use spraying tools and painting applicators. Our obsession with perfection motivates us to keep experimenting with different methods and equipment.

Attention to details

Even seemingly minor errors such as an extra coat can make or break your exterior’s look. No one understands this better than our experts. Our professionals have an eye for detail, which ensures not even minor details fly under their radar.

Let us bring your spaces to life

At HouseFix NC, we consider painting both a science and an art. Painting, more than a profession, is a hobby for us. If you have a painting project, we’d love to help. 

To talk to our experts, call us by clicking on the button on mobile and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you!
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