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Drywall Repair Services North Carolina

HouseFix NC is your know-it-all drywall repair expert. No matter the reason behind your drywall damage woes, our experts will come up with a sustainable solution that addresses all your pain points. We are a family owned and managed business. Over the years, we have handled a number of residential remodeling and restoration projects.

For us, consistency, reliability, and commitment, more than just words are our core values that are ingrained in our company’s DNA. We honor our clients’ decision to choose us over competition and leave no stone unturned to ensure they get value for money.

A damaged drywall can do more than just dragging down your property’s aesthetic appeal. Living with a damaged drywall would be like handing out an open invitation to the elements that can gain easy access to different parts of your property. Additionally, drywall damages can impact your home’s energy efficiency, a problem, that, if not addressed in a timely fashion, will bring your high energy bill nightmares to life.

Taking the DIY route to repair your drywall is a recipe for disaster. Repairing a damaged drywall takes some doing, which is why you need expert help by your side. Many homeowners give in to the temptation of saving a few extra bucks by trying to do everything themselves. What they fail to understand that a wrong step, no matter how innocuous it may seem, can snowball minor issues into major problems, resulting in high costs.

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Drywall Services North Carolina

Drywall Patching

Before starting to patch a drywall, we go through the blueprints of the area thoroughly to learn about the placement of electrical wires. After designing the project roadmap, we remove the damaged section. The next step involves adding framing. After attaching the drywall, we analyze the gap between the existing and new drywall. If the gap is more than ⅛ inch, we use mud to close the gap.

There is more to drywall patching than meets the eye. In addition to following the above steps, our experts keep an eye out for deviations, and make sure best practices are followed, which helps uphold our high workmanship standards.

Drywall replacement

Drywall replacement projects are highly involved jobs. These projects involve three tasks, prepping the area, removing the old drywall, and finally, replacing it with a new one. When we start working on a drywall replacement project, we are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead. To ensure we don’t hit a roadblock, we take several precautionary measures and use tools of the trade.

When installing a new drywall, we take a close look at the insulation and repair it to ensure you get a sustainable solution.

Other repair services

Sometimes it is the small things that matter. A popped drywall nail or a small dent may not set off alarm bells, however, ignoring the problem is not a wise strategy. Before you know, the seemingly inconsequential problem can snowball into a major concern, which is why we recommend that you do not overlook these issues.

For us, no job is too small. Rest assured, your project, even if it involves something as simple as repairing popped nails is equally important to us as major drywall installation or replacement jobs.

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