Decks and Screen-In Deck Services

Decks and Screened-in deck Services

HouseFix NC has helped several families beautify their homes by adding decks and screened-in decks to their properties. We are a licensed general contractor with extensive experience in performing small- and large-scale jobs. Our experts understand the science behind decks and screened in-deck installation and follow best practices to ensure compliance with workmanship standards.

A deck or screened-in deck can be the missing piece of your home improvement puzzle. Adding a deck to a property doesn’t cost a fortune, plus installation projects do not last for more than a few days. In cases where exposure to the elements is a significant problem, we recommend installing a screened-in deck. 

A deck or a screened-in deck apart from boosting your property’s aesthetic appeal can double up as an outdoor space that you can use to entertain your guests. Additionally, many homeowners add decks to their properties to create extra space, which helps free up space in the yard.

To ensure families are able to enjoy their decks for years to come, we offer superior repair services. If the deck is beyond repairs, we replace it with a new one. To repair or to replace? The question baffles many homeowners. If you too are struggling to find the answer to the question, we can help.

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We work with professionals who share our passion for beautifying homes. Our experts have mastered the art and science of deck installation. Not only do they follow the best installation practices but also provide expert inputs to bring outdoor spaces to life.

Our Deck Services

Deck Repair

Decks, just like any other area in your home require regular maintenance. Because they are installed outside the property, decks are exposed to the elements 24/7. With time decks develop gaps and sustain water damage.

No matter your deck’s design, we will come up with a strategy to reverse the impact of wear and tear. We address a number of deck repair issues such as protruding nails, cracked boards, and damaged railings. If you are using an old deck, we will refinish it to protect its wood and stain color.

Deck Installation

Prepping up to install your deck can be an overwhelming task. Apart from choosing the ideal decking material, you must get the necessary permits and the perfect board. Why do everything yourself when help is just a phone call away? To ensure you have nothing more to think about than ways to enjoying your deck, we offer end-to-end services.

Deck Replacement

Usually, we avoid replacing the entire deck and focus on getting rid of damaged boards. After checking common problem areas such as the deck’s posts, surface, fascia board, and beams and joists, we create a list of issues and start working on it.

Screened-In Deck Repair

The glasses of the screened-in deck have to bear the brunt of the elements. To save costs, we recommend that you don’t wait for your glass to break and give us a call when it starts loosening.

Screened-In Deck Installation

Installing a screened-in deck involves careful planning. If you trust us with your project, rest assured everything including different aspects of screening, door dynamics, and zoning requirements will be considered.

Let Us Bring Your Outdoors to Life

Installing or repairing your deck or screened in-deck is a time consuming and effort intensive job. To ensure nothing is left to chance, consult our experts. As our experts work their magic, sit back and relax! 

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