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Carpeting & Flooring Services North Carolina

For most people, watching their kids take their first steps or their pets trying to make their day with their funny antics are some of their most cherished memories. Their home’s floor is the birthplace of these and many other cherished memories. At HouseFix NC, we understand the important role that your flooring plays in your life. As a leading carpeting and flooring company, we have taken upon us to beautify our community.

We are a residential remodeling company with extensive experience in handling carpet and flooring projects. As a family-owned business, we understand the aspirations and motivations of families and take several steps to ensure customer delight. We believe in forging close relationships with our customers.

Unlike many other contractors, we don’t complete a project and forget it. Rest assured, if anything goes wrong, we got your back. Instead of making tall claims, we let our work do the talking. Our commitment to upholding high workmanship standards and settling for nothing but the best has helped us earn the trust and loyalty of several families in Raleigh.

At HouseFix NC, ensuring customer delight comes first, everything else, even monetary incentives follow. No matter the flooring type you have your heart set on, our experts will come up with an action plan to ensure flawless execution.

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When handling a carpeting and flooring project, we don’t just keep an eye on key performance indicators, but also make sure that small details don’t go unnoticed. Our experts have a keen eye for detail. To ensure no details fly under our radar, we follow time-tested and exhaustive quality control processes.

Carpeting Services North Carolina

Carpet Installation

We are experts at installing different types of carpets. If you can’t decide the carpet that will go best with your property’s layout, our experts will help you out. We like keeping ourselves abreast of the latest, in-vogue industry trends and can suggest options that combine the best of both worlds, and are both stylish and durable.

Before starting to work on a carpet installation project, we study the installation area thoroughly and take a note of important things such as furniture placement, the subfloor’s condition, and the door plan. Our findings pave the way for an exhaustive project plan that leaves nothing to chance.

Once, the project blueprint is ready, we get to work.

Carpet Replacement

Carpet replacement is an expert job. At HouseFix NC, we like to keep things simple. Our processes lay emphasis on using the latest technology and processes, while leaving enough room for our experts to apply their traditional knowledge that they have amassed over the years. In addition to following established processes, our experts trust their gut instincts to ensure there is no room for error. Ensuring our customers’ safety is our primary concern. We take several steps to minimize dust and dispose of the old carpet in a responsible manner.

Flooring Services

Floor Installation

The complexity of the floor installation project varies depending on the type of flooring. No matter whether you opt for laminate flooring or have your heart set on the solid hardwood floor, our experts will come up with a strategy to meet your specific requirements.

Floor Replacement

Has your old flooring fallen out of favor? We can help you get rid of it and replace it with the latest option. When planning a floor replacement project, we consider various factors such as the amount of asbestos that the current flooring contains, the humidity level, and traffic that the area receives. We don’t believe in hit and trial methods, and come up with a solid plan before starting to work on a project.

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