Attic and Basement Remodeling Services

Attic and Basement Remodeling Services

A wet basement and cluttered attic is a recipe for disaster. At HouseFix NC, we understand the importance of maintaining a property’s basement and attic. To help our community members avoid inconvenience and other issues, we offer superior attic and basement remodeling services.

When addressing attic and basement repair and other issues, we don’t treat problems in isolation and try to take a look at the bigger picture. We use time tested processes to get to the root cause of the issue. After diagnosing the underlying issue, we come up with an action plan to ensure the customer’s nightmare is short lived.

In many cases, home remodeling projects focus exclusively on giving a facelift to more visible areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms in the property. Remodeling their attics and basements more often than not does not feature in the priority list of property owners. While the temptation of saving money on basement and attic remodeling can be hard to resist, you must not forget that your attic and basement are among the most important areas in your home.


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Let’s admit it, the basement is not the most glamorous part of a property. Though you may not spend much time in your basement, the area has a significant impact on your quality of life. Overlooked or poorly maintained basements are homeowners’ nightmare. If not maintained, the basement floor and wall develop cracks over time. Moisture seeps through these cracks, creating a breeding ground for mold.

There are significant long-term costs of striking off attic maintenance from your priority list. Poor attic insulation can impact a home’s energy efficiency and provide a window of opportunity to pesky pests such as rodents to first enter your home and then invade your life.

At HouseFix NC, we are committed to making our community members’ lives easier. We are well aware of the inconvenience that a flooded or an improperly insulated basement can cause. We take distress calls very seriously, and act fast to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers.

Attic remodeling projects: What we do

Provisioning access to the attic space

A key focus of our remodeling projects is to ensure homeowners have unrestricted access to the attic space. If you are facing difficulties accessing your attic area, we will study the area’s layout and come up with an action plan that involves adding a permanent staircase for improved access.

Raising the Ceiling

If your ceiling is not high enough, we will make major changes to the roof framing. When installing a vaulted ceiling, we take steps to provide adequate support to the bracing before removing it.

Adding windows

To improve lighting, we install windows, skylights, and dormers. Windows facilitate cross ventilation, helping keep a tab on your energy bills.

Basement remodeling projects: What we do

Installing and leveling flooring

We install different types of flooring including concrete, carpet, cork, and engineered wood. We take several steps while leveling the floor to help homeowners avoid moisture related and other problems.

Finishing Ceiling

Before starting to finish ceilings, we study the area’s layout thoroughly and take necessary precautions to work around the duct, electrical work, and plumbing.

Finishing Walls

We use a range of materials to finish walls. To determine whether we need to add studs or extra walls, we study the area’s layout thoroughly.

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